Jersey Visit 2015

One Voice choir is preparing for the trip to Jersey in June, 2015

A recently formed association ‘Jersey and Weymouth Society’ ( JAWS) has linked together with a Jersey group ‘Jersey Evacuees Association’ to forward the aims of those from the Island to become aware and retain awareness of what the residents and evacuees from Jersey endured during the occupation of the Island in WWII.

Simon Crowcroft, the Constable of St. Helier and patron of ‘Jersey Evacuees Association’ would be pleased to formalise an official ‘Link’ between Jersey and the town of Weymouth on the Dorset coast, the town that welcomed the evacuees when they arrived on their journeys to their hosts across the UK.

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the return of the natives to their homes in Jersey. ‘One Voice’ choir, resident in Weymouth, has been invited by the Jersey Evacuees group to be ambassadors for their town as they visit and perform in concert in the Town Hall, St.Helier. This event will be the first to twin the two groups during this significant year.
Kestutis Planciunas Leader and conductor of the Youth Orchestra Laima Planciuniene Director of Panevezys District Music School
Ray Banham
Chairman of JAWS
Jean McLaughlan
Chairman of Jersey Evacuees Association

Besides the anniversary, the longer term aim is to promote and develop a lasting legacy in the areas of culture, joint heritage, education, sport and business. Already JAWS has identified children with special needs within the schools in Jersey that could benefit from the expertise and experience of those in Weymouth.

Panevezys District Youth Orchestra, 2009


One Voice Choir Weymouth


Panevezys District Youth Orchestra, 2009


Concert Poster

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