Inspiration And First Steps

Inspiration for the Choir came from two main sources:

A TV program called 'The Singing Estate' broadcast about three years ago, featured a professional musician who was challenged to create a choir using residents of an estate in Oxford. He was to prepare them ultimately to sing in the Royal Albert Hall. This was accomplished within three months when the seemingly impossible happened.

Dr Malcolm Beeson, Chairman of Littlemoor Community Action Group (LCAG) was featured on the front page article of the Dorset ECHO at about the same time. His vision for the Community was a dream to beautify the area and for it to join some of Dorset's finest Villages. As part of this project the long expected and planned new Community Centre buildings would crown the effort.

Grazina, a mezzo-soprano with an internationally travelled Lithuanian ensemble 'Muzika' and a qualified music and singing teacher, was captivated by these two thoughts and with her background and energy, wished to get Littlemoor making music. Her first endeavour resulted in an adult choir 'ONE VOICE' being established. LCAG provided the funding of the Community hall for the initial period and a local resident donated a piano!

The name 'ONE VOICE' was derived from a song written and sung by Barry Manilow.

May 2008 saw the inaugural concert to help raise funds for a tour to Lithuania in June. Eleven singers, including students from the Weymouth College, formed the basis of 'ONE VOICE's' contribution to an annual 'Sounds of Youth' musical festival in Panevezys District (Grazina's home town). Grazina was instrumental in introducing the main piece chosen for the festival: 'Mass of the Children' written by the English composer John Rutter. Over 200 musicians were involved including a youth orchestra. The item was performed twice in two different cathedrals and was well received by packed audiences! The English group were able to relax for a few days while being introduced to the culture, countryside, food and to a visit to the parliament in Vilnius, the capital.

ONE VOICE' has continued to be active. Personnel have changed and numbers grown while expertise and sound improved. 'Autumn Sounds' (Nov 08), 'Sounds of the Season' (Dec 08), 'Spring Concert' (Apr 09), 'Swing Swing' program as part of the Spirit of the Sea Festival, World music hits the beach! (Jul 09), 'Hark now hear the angels sing' (Dec 09 - at St. John's Church, Greenhill) gives an idea of the variety of music and programs performed.

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