1 March 2009

At 10 pm on the 15th of February, Wessex FM Radio interviewed Grazina Ellis about the recently established Littlemoor Choir "ONE VOICE". Unplugged is a Sunday evening music program and so, was an ideal vehicle to plug the news about Littlemoor in general and music in particular.

Inspiration for the Choir came from two main sources:

A TV program called "The Singing Estate" broadcast about three years ago, featured a professional musician who was challenged to create a choir using residents of an estate in Oxford. He was to prepare them ultimately to sing in the Royal Albert Hall. This was accomplished within three months when the seemingly impossible happened.

Dr Malcolm Beeson, Chairman of Littlemoor Community Action Group was featured on the front page article of the Dorset ECHO at about the same time. His vision for the Community was a dream to beautify the area and for it to join some of Dorset's finest Villages. As part of this project the long expected and planned new Community Centre buildings would crown the effort.

Grazina, a qualified a music and singing teacher, was captivated by these two thoughts and with her background and energy, wished to get Littlemoor making music. Her first endeavour has resulted in an adult choir "One Voice" being established .She would like to extend this by creating a Music Club for Children.

During the interview it emerged that Grazina's personal music making involved singing with a professional Lithunian group "Muzika" that sang in competitions around the world. At the end of February she would be singing in a soloist quartet in Mozart "Missa Solemnis" with Briantspuddle Singers at Wool. On the 13th March she will be singing and leading a quartet of musicians in Russian Romance as part of program at Dorchester Art Centre.

Grazina also outlined her plans for the Choir and was able to share a recent recording made at Weymouth College. She also gave a personal invitation to any Littlemoor residents who would like to participate in the Choir, to visit the Community Hall at 7.30 pm on Thursday evening. All abilities would be welcome. Separate rehearsals for beginners.

What a wonderful opportunity it was for Littlemoor to be highlighted!

Thanks must go Malcolm Beeson for instigating the interview; Maria Greenwood, Head of News at Wessex FM and Weymouth College Music Technology Department for arranging the recording.
Autumn Sounds

From LCAG Newsletter. No12. March, 2009
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