Choir Restart Information

We are delighted to confirm we will sing again ‘in person’ on Thursday 9th September, our return will be cautious to start with to ensure optimal confidence and safety to members, their families and friends.

Weymouth Bay Methodist Church have asked that:

  • You wear a mask when moving about the building - there is no need to wear a mask whilst singing unless it is your preference

  • Continue to use the hand sanitiser provided

We would ask that: 

  • You stay away if you are feeling unwell

  • Encourage you to seek double vaccination

  • Encourage you to undertake regular lateral flow tests

  • Be respectful to other members and keep a safe space – seated and moving around the church premises

  • Maintain regular hand washing

  • Cough /Sneeze into tissues and throw away after 1 use

We will be undertaking a Risk Assessment to ensure we mitigate against all the possible risks; the sanctuary will have been cleaned before we rehearse and we are required to  use ‘a fogger’ to sanitise the sanctuary after we finish each week.

Regrettably we have had to take the hard decision that subs must increase this year; although we are fortunate to have some reserves to bolster our activities they are not enough to see us through the year without increasing subs.  We have reviewed a budget based on:

  • Reduced membership – we are looking forward to welcoming 20 members who have indicated they are happy to return , we know some are taking a year out and others have chosen to go in a different direction

  • Our Gift Aid income usually around £400 will be £6

  • We are only planning for 1 concert at Christmas

  • Our expenditure has been reduced to an absolute minimum

We are currently predicting an ‘in year’ loss of just over £1000  - you are welcome to see the budget, just ask.

Membership fees will be £156 per year, payable in advance either annually, termly £52 or monthly £13.

If possible please make payment electronically to our account on or after 1st September, this will help Liz to stay as safe as possible reducing the need to handle cash/cheques and to avoid visits to the bank.

Barclays Bank

One Voice Choir Community Account

Sort Code   20 – 26 – 62

Account Number   63608476

Please provide a reference of Surname/Subs to assist us in identifying the payment.


We appreciate that this is a big increase and to offset this rise we do not plan to purchase any new music this year, we will endeavour to sing pieces from our back catalogue, 100 Carols for Choirs and our photocopiable resources.

We will be keeping a close eye on our financial situation and will update our plans if the situation changes.  For example if we find ourselves on a  better footing we could purchase music for the summer concerts and give the copies to you.

This Autumn and Winter will be a time of hope that the 'new normal' will help us return to our previous patterns of life, but it will also be a time of caution and reflection of the great changes that have occurred in many of our lives and a recognition of the grieving of so many families and also the sadness of families not being able to function or see each other as families normally do. 

We are excited for the next chapter in One Voices’ journey, it is still surreal that we have not sung together for 18 months. This is the time to rebuild our voices and rekindle our friendships.

If you are itching to get singing again Grazina has kindly prepared some warmup exercises to start to retrain your voice. The words and score are available to download from ‘Music and Rehearsal resources ‘ in the members section of the website

  • Password: OVmembers 

The music tracks will be emailed this coming week and we have printed copies of all the exercises ready for you in September. 

We do hope to see all your lovely faces again soon, would you let us know if the increase in subs causes you to leave us.  If you have any other concerns please do let us know so we can consider and put in place any appropriate measures as we aim is to sing together remaining safe and well.

With our very best wishes

Grazina & OV committee