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One Voice goes ..... 'Zoooooooooooooom'

OneVoice Choir has always enjoyed a Christmas Social each year - and this year was no exception except we decided to risk crashing the internet and went for a Zoom event. We were delighted for the support it received and Grazina now knows why Zoom rehearsals aren't really an option, but the effort - as ever - could not be faulted.


Our chair had the added authority of her Santa hat and may consider wearing it to keep order at our next AGM, will 'dodgey' Christmas jumpers become mandatory for next December rehearsals? and some rather stylish Christmas trees were on display. Many thanks to those who were able to attend and made it such a pleasant session, easily exceeding the 40 minute 'Zoom' barrier.


Again may we wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, for the safety of everyone concerned, choir members, family, friends and our loyal audience, all rehearsals and possible concerts are suspended. We are constantly reviewing the guidance issued by government and will be posting as soon as we feel we can be reasonably safe in starting rehearsals again. We would love to think we can plan for a summer 2021 concert.

We thank our friends at Weymouth Methodist Church for their huge efforts to provide a safe place for us to rehearse, but government guidance prevents this. We thank them for their understanding and wish them well in their work to provide their congregation with a safe place to worship. 

The choir committee continues to meet and plan to keep the choir a living entity. Our musical director Grazina Ellis continues to offer vocal tuition on a private basis and can be contacted on 07891 899 479.

If you want to revisit previous Choir events and remind yourself of happier times, why not have a browse through our gallery or watch us?


We look forward to seeing you all in the, hopefully, not too distant future.